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Advantage and Performance of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Time:2015-11-13 13:32:08 Num:533 Author:shunky

With the continuous development of science and technology, and the various needs of the people, now vertical shaft impact crusher  has gradually accelerated the rate of replacement. While for the new equipment, it must have its unique advantages. Well,  now compared to conventional devices, what are the featuresand advantages in performance of the latest vertical shaft impact crusher ?

First of all, compared with the traditional vertical shaft impact crusher, the new one featured with large capacity, high efficiency, and promotion of the quality of sand. Of course, the result is made by comparing with similar product. Second, particles produced by new vertical shaft impact crusher is more uniform and cubic, even the fineness modulus can be adjusted. Third, the reasonable cavity design effectively reduce the chances of friction between particles and cavity, so that the abrasion rate for vulnerable parts are also decreased. Moreover, it is more convenient for the replacement of wearing parts. Fourth, automated maintenance properly and simplified operation is excellent, especially the thin oil for lubricating the key part of equipment. Also, it is more convenient for operation.

Overall, the performance and advantages of the new vertical shaft impact crusher is high efficiency, easy maintenance and high product quality etc..