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New Idea in Impact Crusher as Aggregate Develops

Time:2015-11-20 11:08:49 Num:532 Author:shunky

  As science and technology progresses, mining industry, especially mining machinery also has further development. As mining equipment, impact crusher is perfect in structure and performance on the market, which makes it widely used in highway, railway, ore crushing, building materials, energy, transportation, mining, chemical industry etc..  as shinnying star in the crushing industry, why it is powerful in mining industry?

   As we can see the impact crusher on the market, with relatively large crushing chamber, mouth on side, is not similar with hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher. In terms of appearance. From technical aspects, the new impact crusher adopts advanced process technology in the industry, new and reasonable structure design, and the better finished product meet the needs of the market.

  Depend on electricity, the impact crusher turns the electrical energy into mechanical energy and then operating. Switching on the power,  the rotor is in high-speed rotation and the material crushed in the crushing cavity repeatedly. Then the product go into the cavity in order and we can control the material via the discharge port. By adjusting the gap between the impact rack and rotor, we will have material in expected size. It is more advanced and also widened applications.

   Shanghai Shunky, as professional impact crusher manufacturer, highlights the unique charm of impact crusher. Impact crusher becomes mainstream of sand and gravel aggregate today. Impact crusher achieves  technology concepts “more crushing and less grinding”. If necessary, please consult: 86-0021-66030377.